May 11, 2021 Alex Lang

When Recharging Your Personal Battery is too late…

Yes, we all have heard the term take time to “Re-Charge Your Battery”.  I am not here to say that is wrong. I am merely suggesting that this timing is backward.  By the time you realize you’re overwhelmed, fatigued, and running on empty usually, the following has happened:

  1. Your work has suffered because you are overwhelmed and have too many plates spinning
  2. You overreacted or flipped out on a co-worker, friend, or family member
  3. You have stopped challenging yourself to learn anything new
  4. You have stopped exercising
  5. You have stopped spending time outside and inside the clutter is just piling up
  6. Your buying habits have changed to quick online impulse buys
  7. You have ghosted your friends/colleagues because you just can spare the time and energy
  8. You have not taken time for yourself to really connect to your passion/hobby/spiritual self

Okay, maybe all these items have not happened to you.  But I bet a few of them have.  Think of the snowball effect though.  When we run on empty, we are not only hurting ourselves but those we interact with.  It can become harder and harder to recharge when you are in this spiral.

Over the last year, many people working from home have realized that they can find ways to keep their batteries charged throughout their workday.  As more and more workers find this balance, they certainly do not want to come back to work full time.  In fact, according to Best Practice Institute, only 10% of workers want to come back full time.

Think about it just for a minute, if by now you have figured this out, why give it up?

  1. You have taken all commute time and replace it with the extra kid or furry friend time
  2. You can take a call while walking outside
  3. You can quickly run a local errand and scratch an item off your typical weekend to-do list
  4. You are in your house and can take a break/breaks and exercise and get back to your work or zoom call
  5. You can recharge by simply going into another room in your house to unplug from work
  6. You have found ways to be more efficient at your job while working from home
  7. You have found time to connect with new people remotely

I am not saying everyone has mastered this, but many people have and like it.  Why?  They have found that recharging throughout the day is healthier, and more productive vs. when they were at work all day.  They have permitted themselves to create this balance and as resilient humans have found, it actually works!

What will companies do?  I am not sure.  Corporate walks and fruit in the break room won’t be enough to lure employees back full time.  A new disruption to traditional wellness programs needs to be looked at.  Auxin Group offers companies this new lens for WELLNESS® by looking at how we work, develop our skills, and what each person needs to stay charged throughout their day and week.  They even provide just-in-time coaching for personal or professional needs!  

The old way of working is not coming back.  Frankly, I am with the 90% out there. We all need to change how we work and live our lives. Once we figure this out, we will be happier humans at home and work!