Becky Misius
I am most thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow. I was able to find my passion because of Auxin. I love how Auxin believes and supports 100% in the associates and their growth. The Myers Briggs program was not only fun to learn more about myself but the team as well, and by doing it all together we became closer as a group.

Megan McCarthy
I am most thankful for the career soft skill refreshers (change mgmt, team effectiveness) and for giving me my confidence back in managing a project! Also, what I do love the MOST is that it put me in touch with other moms like me, and the relationships I’ve developed here I
have not found anywhere else!

Susan Miller
I am most thankful for the opportunity to focus some attention on myself. It is a gift. If I think back on my life, there are very few times I have had the opportunity to focus on myself – it was probably some time during college, or early in my career. Once the career was in full “bloom”, I was working 70 hours a week, with a focus on my company, projects, jobs, promotions, customers, problem-solving. I married someone from my company, and it wasn’t until we had children that the next phase came in. Any available “mind energy” turned towards raising our children and setting them up for happiness and success in life. A shift in focus came with volunteer work (mostly related to my children, however also with charitable causes). Now with 3 in college and my 4th “baby” in high school, it is the first time I have had the opportunity to focus on myself. The challenge of course is in creating a conducive environment for this. What am I interested in? Who am I now? What skills do I want to use? Answering these questions requires time, attention, and focus. After all of these years of devoting myself to others (a job, a husband, children, any activities my children are in, volunteer work, etc), it is very easy to get distracted and shift back to what has comprised the last 20+ years of my life.

I am just getting started with Auxin, so have yet to utilize the resources. The mere concept of “supported self-development” is intriguing and comforting to me. While I am confident in my ability to achieve whatever I set my mind to, figuring out what I want to set my mind to is the challenge. My hope is that through Auxin, I will be able to gain that level of focus. So, it is a gift to myself. Focus cannot be achieved without attention. Attention cannot be achieved without time. “Supported self-development” – as a new person coming into Auxin this is probably the “gift” I see giving to myself in the New Year – for the first time in many years.

I am thankful to open that door as I participated in the Myers-Briggs program, I see how Interesting to see how some of the types change over time, with maturity & experience.

Kim Hindman
The Myers-Briggs training brought more awareness to who I am and why I work in the way I do.

Diana Lasiewicz
It was interesting to find out the results of the Myers – Briggs “test”, I enjoyed learning about myself (although some of it I was already aware of)

Tracy Meyer
Auxin Group has given me the confidence I needed to be successful in the workplace, the flexibility to be able to be present with my family’s needs, the on-hand experience to gain valuable coaching/training and now being able to act as a mentor to new consultants. I am most grateful for the opportunity to do what I love with wonderful leadership, support, and collaboration with my peers which have become very dear to me.

Michelle Borkowski
Learning my personality type through the Myers-Briggs event I realized how I can interact with other personality types in a team situation I believe will make working together less complicated.