July 8, 2019 Julie Weinberg

Successful Strategies to Grow Your Nest Egg

If you’re returning to work, certainly your financial situation is part of the equation. Will you be earning a significant salary or bringing in less than when you left the workforce? What about your expenses? Work clothes? Commuting? Child care? During a recent Auxin session, Greg Bielak, a millennial who started investing on his own right out of high school, shared his strategies:


  • Know where your money is going. Research companies to find out about their products, projects, and outlook.
  • Avoid fees on your bills by making payments on time.
  • Use an auto payment service so you don’t risk late fees.
  • Always compare prices on any major purchase.
  • Review bank and credit card statements. Mistakes can happen.
  • Live within your means. Before you buy something, consider if you can REALLY afford it.


Greg recommends these resources:
Greg suggests getting started by making two investments. Then, add some money each year, maybe around tax-refund time.
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