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Why Auxin?

Focused, Cross-Functional, Flexible

We are a cross-functional team of experts. Each trimester, we select a limited number of projects that are challenging, stimulating, and ultimately valued by our clients AND future employers. In turn, we focus our energy to create solutions that are cost-effective, flexible and time-saving while facilitating a partnership that results in growth and work/life effectiveness.

We offer a team of multi-skilled and motivated specialists who have flexible schedules, experience, knowledge and collaborative tools to get the job done.
We are curious, we feel comfortable asking questions if something is unclear, and we take pride in a job well done.

We invest in our development and maximize the use of available technology.

We are always up for a challenge.


A Partnership for Growth. Auxin Group works closely with our clients to create solutions that are cost-effective, flexible, and time-saving while facilitating a partnership that results in growth and effectiveness.

Cost Effective

  • Reduce overall project completion costs
  • Less cost/risk than hiring a full-time employee
  • Cost structure base less than a consulting firm
  • High-caliber talent pool without recruitment costs


On-demand project teams with:

  • Collaborative capabilities
  • Cross-functional expertise
  • Access to cross-generational talent
  • 24/7 virtual access to your project
  • Constant communication with the project team


Quick turnaround on projects large and small, relief of workload, allowing more time to:

    • Grow your own business
    • Focus on personal growth
    • Give back to the community
    • Network within industry

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Spouse/Partner Career Support

Auxin Group’s Career (Re)Engagement Program supports the spouse or partner career development. We provide a virtual and, in most locations, onsite access to a collaborative team to learn, develop, and grow together. Our engagement program is from one-month and on. We provide self-directed, professionally-guided expertise to keep spouses and partners engaged and connected to their career development goals.

Expatriate/Relocation Spouse/Partner Support

Auxin Group’s Career (Re)Engagement Program supports the spouse or partner in a permanent or temporary relocation. We empower spouses and partners to take the right steps in their career while assimilating to their new environment. Our coaches have the location- and industry-specific knowledge to maximize career opportunities and move careers forward. By supporting spouse/partner career needs, you allow your employees to keep the peace of mind at home, so they can be more focused and productive at work.

Community-Based Key Talent Connection

We are also a resource for high-potential employees that choose to step away from the all-in workforce but want to remain connected to their career as time permits. We facilitate your community-based connection to the maintenance and strengthening of their career trajectory. With your partnership, we work to keep a community of valued talent connected to business but at a level of commitment that supports their family priorities.

How We Help

Relocations often fail when a dual-career spouse or partner is unable to find the right job in a new community. While you’re working to make your employees’ transition successful, we engage spouses and partners to keep their career development in check. We have identified critical skills, behavioral competencies and relevant work experiences needed to build commitment, reinforce engagement, and increase performance. We have developed an organized and engaging program that is designed to drive careers forward. As you support spouse/partner career needs, you allow your employees to gain peace of mind at home, so they can be more focused and productive at work.

Features & Pricing

Option 1: $100 per month per participant.
Option 2: $30 per month per participant AND directly sponsor one work team (up to 10 people) with a commitment of three projects per year; in essence, a retainer payment for delivery of consulting services.

Imagine, if you sponsor a team of experts – all voluntarily separated from their careers in good-standing, were participants of a leadership development program, and/or possibly someone you paid for their MBA and/or Masters.
We handle enrollment, manage their ongoing involvement, enroll them on your periodic projects, and deliver reports to you about their engagement and involvement.

Design Your Program

We can help design a career (re) engagement program to achieve your talent goals. We work with you to refine the estimate of the prevalence of workforce disruption of your current high-potential employees not only leaving your company but leaving their careers on the table. We work with you to reduce the family disruption of temporary or permanent relocations.

We define the eligible population, manage the communications, and deliver periodic reports for you to evaluate the ROI of this program. We work with your staffing and vendor management teams to identify those right-sized projects that will provide the challenge and connection to work while supporting and respecting family needs and decisions.

This is a long-term strategy. We will evaluate the program with you over time. We aim to provide experiences that will encourage the maintenance of good career health and overall WELLNESS™.

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Development Program

Auxin Group has developed a self-directed, professionally guided Career (Re)Engagement Development Program that prepares your team of associates for their anticipated (re)entry to the “all-in” workforce.

Why Auxin?

We are the model development program that inspires and engages talent while out of the all-in workforce.  We build competencies in modern processes and leadership capabilities.  We perform for the best organizations and aim to receive their endorsement for our future return to business.

Why participate?

We help you develop focus, define your values and purpose, and acquire and apply (re)discovered skills and knowledge to be successful in achieving your life’s goals.  

Our program includes career coaching sessions, advanced skill development, and client service delivery within a team-based, collaborative project work environment providing flexible schedules and part-time/full-time opportunities.

Interested in Learning More?


To discuss how you can begin your career (re)engagement journey, please Contact Us or call our Client Solutions team at 847.719.9060


Why Auxin Group Partners?

Our partners help us help our clients and team members. We work in partnership with leading service and solution providers to help our customers learn how to solve critical challenges while helping our teams of associates learn and support their career plans.
We’re pleased to offer these useful services via our network of premier partners:

  • Training and Development
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Talent Strategy and Consulting
  • Executive Coaching

Who are Auxin Group’s Partners?

Auxin Group thanks our Partners in helping our consulting associates (re)launch their professional careers and/or start and grow their respective businesses.

  • Laurie Wessels, Wessels Group
  • Chris Broderick, BNear Corporation
  • Tom Simon, Tannin Advisors

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How can we help you? To discuss how our program can help you build your business and share your talents, please Contact Us.


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