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We partner with companies to help enrich employee engagement and development. Focusing on one’s overall wellbeing.

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Strategic Employee Development and (Re) Engagement


  1. a plant hormone that promotes cells to grow, stretch, and turn towards the light.

Therefore, the definition of Auxin Group is Continuous Growth and Development.

We carry the belief that everyone has the capability to grow, develop, stretch, and find their passion.  At Auxin we simply provide professional guidance for people to unlock their potential!

Engagement, motivation, support, and strategy are the keys to our program. WELLNESS® is a complete lifestyle and behavior change and change takes time and commitment.   Together, we surface and embrace one’s attitudes, beliefs, and competencies that are needed to safely and effectively manage life’s transitions for the duration of one’s career lifespan.

How We Partner With You

  • Understand your business and culture.
  • Discuss your current development and engagement practices.
  • Partner with your leadership team to understand the areas of focus.
  • Gain an understanding from current leaders/employees on employee engagement.
  • Identify strengths and opportunities.
  • Develop a plan on how to utilize our services best to meet your current needs.
  • Partner with managers and executives to provide a seamless experience for employees.
  • Work with employees in cohorts and one-on-one to create a purpose-driven development plan focusing on overall WELLNESS®
    by encompassing personal and professional goals.

Irrespective of your profession as a Doctor, Plumber, Carpenter, Painter, Legal, Academic professionals, we will research the information crucial to your profession, and in the format that you need.

When you want details about Statutes, Laws, Journals, Magazines, Thesis, Technical White Papers and News – we are there to assist you.