July 25, 2019 Laura Morgan

Secret Sauce Revealed

I’m about to let you in on our recipe for success. These magic ingredients are the reason people come to Auxin when they are ready to re-engage in their careers after taking time off from the all-in workforce. Before I reveal the details, let’s review why going back to work is daunting. Technology has changed. Skills become rusty. Confidence lags. Where do you even begin? I humbly suggest you try our secret sauce.
We start with an extensive learning and development program, and then we mix-in real opportunities to test those newly sharpened skills on a variety of projects .  Seems simple, right? Take a few classes, work on a couple of projects, and voilá… a re-trained employee. However, we all know it’s not that easy. It takes time, dedication, and hard work to re-enter the modern workforce. Our associates consistently step beyond their comfort zone, take risks, and give and receive feedback. The learning is embedded in each and every experience whether it’s attending a workshop, leading a project, or completing an assigned task.
For instance, during the last few months, we’ve offered sessions on Excel, building collaborative teams, and emotional intelligence. At the same time, our associates are working on a variety of projects, both internal and external. I see how they are learning to work together, in most cases virtually, while using modern tools, juggling various schedules and tackling new challenges.
The outcomes are often quite impressive as our associates grow new skills, polish old ones, rebuild their confidence, redefine their goals, and ultimately re-engage in the workforce.
I believe this simple philosophy clearly explains why this works:
  • Tell them, they will forget.
  • Show them, they will remember.
  • Involve them, they will understand.
Feel free to pass on this message to anyone you know who’s ready to get cooking and jump back into the workforce. We are happy to share this recipe.
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