September 5, 2017 Neil Morgan

Project Assimilation Process

  • Finding you have too many meetings and not enough time to get things done?
  • Suddenly feeling overwhelmed with all of your priorities and upcoming project due dates?
  • Wondering how you can finish those year-end promises on time and still manage your day-to-day work?
  • Will your holidays be overwhelmed with work again this year?
  • Now you could use that intern more so, right?

We see it all of the time. In fact, it is so common that we have resources equipped and on the ready to help you with what you need.


  1. We interview you before we engage. Why? For you.
    Before we do anything, we work to ensure all eyes are locked in on the true project goals, all minds understand the internal approval and governance processes, and most importantly, all hearts feel the intricacies of the team and company’s culture.
  2. We document everything. Nothing is true until it is written.
    Before we begin, we deliver a charter and a respective project plan to guide our future decision making and activities. Furthermore, we deliver the ongoing minutes and status updates in writing to keep all effort, activities, and accountabilities in check.
  3. We share our status 24/7. All effort is visible to ensure alignment.
    Once we begin, you receive access to our project portal to monitor team communications and work in process.  You can quickly connect with your project resource(s) to identify risks of misalignment BEFORE they become issues.