June 12, 2019 Julie Weinberg

Preparing for Behavior Based Interviews

Getting ready for an interview requires more than choosing the right outfit to wear. Taking time to think about the questions you are likely to face and how to answer them will go a long way in landing a job. During a recent program, Auxin Associates learned about the common practice of Behavior Based Interviewing, when a candidate is presented with probing questions designed to reveal their past experience in a detailed, authentic, and accurate manner and then determine if that person has the skills required for the job.

Kelly Greffin, Auxin Engagement Director, and Becky Etnier, a former Auxin Associate with interviewing expertise, led the program. Together, they explained that preparation is key. “You can show your skill sets or experiences in a lot of different areas by having some examples ready to go,” said Etnier.

Specifically, they recommended using the S.T.A.R. method when drawing on past experiences in order to answer interview questions:

  • Situation: set the scene and give necessary details of your example
  • Task: describe what your responsibility was in that situation
  • Action: explain exactly what steps you took to address it
  • Result: share what outcomes your actions achieved

During our virtual session, participants paired off to test this strategy and role play interviews. Etnier and Greffin also shared insight on words to avoid during an interview, what to say when you really don’t have an answer to a question, and how to answer the tricky question that focuses on your weaknesses.

If this session sounds like something that would be helpful to you, watch for it to come up again on our program calendar.

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