We help good leaders host great meetings! We focus on the details to facilitate, measure, and enable effective project team collaboration and delivery of high-quality solutions in compressed time-frames.Anyone can be a great facilitator if he or she keeps the entire process and the end-result at hand at all times. Yet, we know our clients are busy and working to establish and maintain key influential relationships while executing on their own position’s priorities. We help lighten the load. We know that our clients don’t want to use the iron fist approach and tell colleagues what to do. We all know that team project success is often only as good as the guidance it receives from the facilitator. We help good leaders keep their eye on the ball, hold their role as a facilitator, and find critical opportunities to guide. We consider ourselves the practical partner since we avoid complicated processes and utilize the best resources for the right reason at the right time.

Project Control – Multiple departments were involved in an acquisition, division divestiture, a new HRIS system deployment, and the annual compensation and benefits implementation process for thousands of employees. Our team was chartered to keep the cadence of attention on the achievement of critical milestones during the four months of harried activity. Not only were milestones managed, they were achieved, and the planned weekly team meeting times were significantly reduced due to the active attention our flexible team provided to their project plan.