When it comes to attracting, motivating, and retaining the best talent, companies turn to MorganHR to help them evaluate and create programs that establish a direct connection between an organization’s goals and objectives and an employee’s focus and actions.

We don’t show up with any assumptions. Instead, we listen and learn, entrenching ourselves in your business to understand where it is and where it’s going. We’re able to dive in at any stage, critically assess your vision and put life into your concepts. We believe in a blended team approach – working closely with the project sponsor and owner, and if possible, the program manager and participants.  We typically use an approach that includes defining the program elements, fostering communication across the organization, identifying the administrative decision process (including approvals and governance), and actively engaging with technology professionals during each phase of the project.

Our services are powered by a unique resource, Auxin Group, which is a division of MorganHR, Inc.

Phase I

We’ll help you find your way

Phase II


Phase III

Validate Now-Informed Intention

Phase IV


Phase V

We’ll help you embrace change

Meaningful change is realized with a connected team that’s aligned around a shared vision and relentless in its pursuit. We’ll help you start doing, and build systems and tools that strengthen confidence and discipline to what we created together to gain momentum and keep moving forward.