August 4, 2017 Neil Morgan

Next Chapter

Do want to go back to work someday…maybe go back to the same role you had before you left the workforce, or possibly launch a completely new career?

Do you wonder what your new path will look like as your children become more independent? What will it be? When? How to start?

Wouldn’t it be nice to start transitioning some of your time
towards projects that stimulate your mind, compensate you for your talents, and yet still be available when needed at home?

At Auxin Group, we understand exactly where you are.

We work with many people, like you, who want to reignite that workplace confidence they once mastered, spark those buried business smarts, help to bridge their past ways to the modern practices of business, all while providing a flexible work schedule.

We connect you with a supportive network that is in a similar stage of life/career. This will help you build your confidence to try something new and learn from others. It’s a safe place to get feedback, make mistakes, and grow at your own pace.

If you are interested in learning more, please click the button below to set-up an introductory call with one of our associates. We will discuss the specifics about our program so you can better decide if this is right for you.