May 7, 2021 Alex Lang

Meet The Coach: Miriam Plotkin

As a member of Auxin’s Coaching Partner Program, Miriam Plotkin brings 20 years of experience in nutrition and fitness coaching. She currently works as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. Like many, she has pivoted in her career. She made the move from acting to personal training by following her passion and capitalizing on her strengths and values, leading her to obtain multiple certifications on her journey. Miriam enjoys building relationships and making a difference by giving people the tools and knowledge to make small impacting changes that have long-lasting effects.

Miriam enjoys her partnership with Auxin Group as she believes that everyone can use a little help and support to find their passion and reach their goals. She has studied the impact that nutrition and fitness can have on helping a person achieve their overall personal and professional effectiveness. She loves the mission that Auxin Group focuses on, inspiring members to explore the 8 areas of WELLNESS®. “I want to help people break down their goals into baby steps and be there to celebrate the small victories,” she said.

“My approach fits with Auxin’s program overall in that I believe each person is unique; I have to really listen to what they need and be open-minded when exploring with them. Learning about each individual is personal and there is not a one size fits all approach. This is important especially in fitness and nutrition.” She went on to say that in her coaching sessions, each person has come with a unique set of questions or concerns that they talked through and created solutionss together.

The Auxin coaching model is unique on many levels. It’s more affordable compared to other programs which are designed and priced for executive levels in organization and usually they do not include such a wide variety of coaching specialities. Having a program where you can reach out to a coach for help with a presentation one day and then another coach for nutrition is unusual. Typically in an organization, you are assigned one coach for 6 – 12 month time frames. At Auxin they have an entire team of people from which to choose.

She concluded by saying, “When a client reaches out, we explore the possibility of trying something new in their diet, we rethink and reshape their exercise routine or I simply help them break down their goals so they can prove to themselves that they can do it. At the end of the day, It is ALL about making people feel good about themselves!”

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