May 14, 2021 Alex Lang

Meet the Coach: Andy Hillig

For this week’s meet the coach, we sat down with Andy Hillig, and below is what he had to say:

“Coaching is personal for me.  Early in my career I was quickly moving up the leadership ladder and decided I wanted to make a pivot.  I found that through finding a strong coach I was able to discover not only my strengths and passion but the niche where I could add value for others.  I think everyone should have a coach at all stages of life.

There are two main reasons for partnering with Auxin Group.

  1. I like to be part of something different and new.  I learned that about myself early in my career.  There is not any other program out there like Auxin and I wanted to be part of it.
  2.  I believe in the mission and purpose.  There are so many people in a career pause, pivot, or in the middle levels of organizations who can benefit from a program like this and certainly are not afforded the opportunity to have a team of coaches to draw from.

As a coach, I enjoy helping others in their own development.  Many times, I hear leaders say they do not have the bench strength to fill positions when in reality the resources are in the organization. They simply haven’t been given the opportunity to develop. I want to be able to help those folks become the bench!  I also enjoy working with those who are making a pivot or a pause. I want to help bridge and develop their brand as they plan for what is next.

The key benefit to the Auxin coaching program is it is short time increments.  If you are not sure what coaching is all about, or if you have one question or issue you want to work through this model is perfect.  I like to look at it as a pep talk.  I believe individuals really have their own answers.  I am there to ask the right questions for them to surface their solution and help them put an action plan in place.”

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