January 7, 2015 forrest moul

Auxin Leadership

After 25 years working with companies (practitioner and consultant), it was time for me to form a company that I truly believe in.  I feel it shouldn’t be difficult to embrace balance and growth.  Many have their own recipe but mine is pretty simple – work, volunteer, and play.  When someone focuses on only one or two of these, growth stagnates.  With life’s constant roller coaster ride, yes, I see the balance of these three tenets shift (here and there), but one really needs to keep each of these in a good proportion.


Work is clear (at least to me) – get paid for something you are good at; you don’t have to be a maniac about it.  Get a reward for your contribution and effort.  A job well done feels important when one is paid for one’s talents.  Retirement rusts.  Keep working.

Volunteer to give back and find an organization that makes your heart smile.  Recognition does come with this effort but it is really the self reflection that makes this important.  I’ve seen many people ‘volunteer’ and the output varies from one person to another.  It may have made the heart smile that they showed their support by just being present and some may have spent enormous hours/days/weeks to help – support does not have a solid measure when one volunteers their time or money but the internal reflection does – however much one can give and make their own heart smile, the world is a better place.

Play to keep and/or improve family relations and maintain good health.  When one only has ‘play’ on their task list, they do not remain current and the difference in conversations start, leading to differences in personalities, and ultimately separation and distance.  Teach kids by example that life involves work, volunteering, and yes…it also includes play.  All in a rotating, shifting balance.  Health is key and should not be taken for granted.  Sedentary lifestyles will lead to that “ultimate horizontal position.”  Move, find the fun, energize the mind and body.

Now to grow…

If you keep these at the status quo level, do the same thing, the same way, ugh…life will get boring…rust happens.

Therefore, the thought is to contribute to organizations that need help.  Get paid commensurately for the work we do – as a virtual team and very low overhead, costs should prove to be more than competitive.  Establish access and exposure to advanced developmental programs that ensure we stay ahead of the curve as much as we can.  Focus development and growth as a main element of compensation.  Collaborate within teams and with our clients to help us understand and feel our strengths that allow us to truly step back, see ourselves as others do – then seek to understand those areas within ourselves that need to be shined up a bit.

That’s what I’m about…no secret magic here.  Just a recipe that feels like it will offer a pretty good change up to the services industry.  Call me…check us out…we are getting ready for the virtual world, giving flexible work opportunities to those whom want to work, and shining up our skills along the way.


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