December 30, 2014 forrest moul

Dora Cuatt

Dora is self-aware, extremely motivated, and invested individual focused on the improvement and growth of an organization. As an efficient communicator, she transforms incomplete and confusing information into a cohesive story. She is creative and enjoys collaboratively brainstorming with groups and teams, all the while managing an independent workload. She values effective time management and thrives on creating deadlines for herself as they help keep her on track and accountable. She successfully multitasks and effectively balances multiple schedules. She balanced working 2 to 3 part-time jobs and taking 15+ credits throughout her entire college education and successfully graduated in 4 years with a university transfer after her Freshman year. She also managed multiple certifications throughout her various employment endeavors over the past 7 years, allowing consistent lateral transfer of supervisory positions. She is a creative problem solver; when a problem occurs she quickly recovers and moves forward utilizing all factors and data available to create a solution. With a background in conflict management, She is able to professionally handle even the most difficult and unruly clients. She believes that criticism and conflict can be constructive. As a young professional she is invested in starting her career and is currently in search of a full-time employment opportunity where she can utilize and improve the above-mentioned skills and qualities.

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