Data is everywhere but not where it is needed…right now! We collect and collate your data, convert to file records, confirm accuracy, and, with some requests, condense to remove proximate redundancies.

Job Descriptions, Job Descriptions, and yes…more…Job Descriptions – Thousands of job descriptions were in every language, multitude formats, paper and electronic, inconsistent in required content, and often not reviewed nor seen by the employee. In cases, there were 40 or more job descriptions for the same job. We converted this massive collection into electronic, simplified, core & home country languages, and ensured every employee had their one relevant job description. We started with more than 8000 job descriptions and with effective project management, partnering with our client, we tackled that monster to beat it down to a core relevant set of descriptions to use globally.

Data is Everywhere! – A huge compensation initiative required pulling in data not already housed in payroll but also found on resumes, plan documents, and on the computers in excel files of the company’s HR and Finance team members around the globe. We worked to consolidate mountains of information into one centralized datasheet. We created the workflow to maintain while our client researched and purchased a global HRIS. This data was maintained and ultimately, imported. Done.

Stakeholder Interviews – For a large pharmaceutical company, we interviewed internal stakeholders to gain their unbiased perspectives on a key initiative. We created the materials, conducted the meetings, and then summarized the results to help set the right direction for the core project team.

Compensation Studies – Got Surveys? We can help. We regularly take on the burdensome task to collect data, complete the submission, address and resolve questions/issues, and summarize ending results. We conducted a direct compensation survey for a small logistic company – sourced the participants based on our clients philosophy, created submission materials and interviewed participants, and provided summarized results maintaining confidentiality.