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Auxin Group’s Biennial Competency Survey Results 2018

We are excited to share the results of our biennial Auxin Group Career (Re)Engagement Competency Survey!

We surveyed over 200 professionals in a variety of leadership positions, and we asked them to thoughtfully identify any gaps in current competencies and skills that are essential to their company’s success.

The survey focused on a variety of competencies across four main groups as described in the “Successful Manager’s Handbook, 8th Edition:”
  • Personal Competencies
  • Thought Competencies
  • People Competencies
  • Results Competencies
The survey participants were asked to consider three sources of talent:
  1. Current Workforce
  2. College Intern
  3. Return to Work
We hope that you find the results as compelling and eye-opening as we did.  Please click the survey link below to instantly download your copy of the survey results.

And take a moment to explore our HR Compensation Consulting Practice and SimplyMerit – annual merit and bonus application.

Wellness Wednesday: Rest and Recovery Days

Have you ever started a new workout program only to find that you hit a plateau, or maybe you are a runner and your times are not improving?  It is quite possible that you are not allowing your body the proper recovery to see adaptations.  Our body changes by breaking it down, RECOVERING and breaking it down again.  If we never give our body the chance to recover we will not see the desired results we are looking for. Give your body the proper rest it needs.




Wellness Wednesday #GetOrganized #De-Clutter

Our personal space environment says a lot about what is going on in our mind.  When we have a clutter filled environment, it could very well signal a cluttered mind, and a clean and clear personal space in our home and mind is a state we all should try to achieve.  I thought this article was great and something we can all relate to on some level- check it out below!

Here’s Why Messy House Equals Messy Mind

Wellness Wednesday #Vitamins

Vitamins and Supplements are sold everywhere.  You can purchase them at a high cost through a health and wellness establishment or even at your local grocery store.  Are they all the same?  More importantly, can you be doing more harm by self diagnosing what and how much you should be taking?  Please read the following article and and seek out as much information to see how different vitamins and supplements will benefit you before taking them.

New Events and Classes for Auxin Group Consultants!

We are excited to share a peek into our next set of events and classes for our team!  If you are interested in learning more about our program, please contact us at hello@auxingroup.com – a next group’s orientation is being formed and is scheduled for September!

Auxin Group Course Schedule

stay at home return to work

Career (Re) Engagement Courses and Events for Stay-at-Home Parents

Wellness Wednesday #MorningRoutine

What does your perfect morning look like? Picture this. You wake up on time. You don’t press snooze. Your clothes are already laid out from the night before. You have plenty of time to take a shower, and even bite into a nutritious homemade breakfast. You start work at a job you love on time, early even. Your workspace is perfectly organized, and your mind is rested—ready to tackle the day ahead. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. However, we do have more control over or morning or even our day than we realize. By planning ahead we can eliminate a lot of the daily pitfalls. Take a look at the following article and see what you can do to to set your day:


Wellness Wednesday #Change

Is change hard for you?  Transitions through difficult times can add a lot of stress to your life.  I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.  The one constant thing we can do in any situation is try to live in gratitude.  This may not come natural and might take work, but you can achieve it.


Auxin Gets Active!

WELLNESS – (L)ife and Energy AND (N)ature/Environment – Members of our Auxin team took their Monday-Morning status meeting outside for a healthy walk (with furry 4-legged friends, too).  Planning the week is so much more fun when you are with friends, enjoying the gorgeous weather, and beginning the day in a healthy way!

Wellness Wednesday #StayCool

We all love summer months, especially if you live in the Midwest.  It is finally a time we can be outside without worry of bundling up. However, if you love to exercise outdoors, like I do, you need to be very careful of not raising your core temperature too high. Heat stroke is a serious medical condition that can happen very suddenly. Our bodies will try to send you signals to slow down along the way, but it is up to you to listen. The following article will tell you what you can do to prevent heat stroke and what to do if it happens to you. Have fun and get your workouts in, just be careful when the temperatures rise, and listen to your body.