By combining our leadership, expertise, innovative spirit, and well-rounded project management competency, we ensure delivery of our clients’ initiatives. We give you on-demand resources to help you save time and money without the risk.

Company Values
We value integrity – we do what we say we’ll do
We value self-awareness – to help others we must know ourselves
We value balance – we know and cater to our priorities
We value quality – we feel proud when others value our work
We value WELLNESS – we know to deliver our best work, we need to develop our best selves

Vision Statement
We enable alternative career opportunities that develop leaders, foster innovative thought-partnering, and provide work-life effectiveness for our Clients and Associates.

Mission Statement
Growth is our focus and engagement is our strength. Our Associates are accomplished, cross-functional, and well-equipped to facilitate effective partnerships supporting our clients’ business needs. From sprint projects to key strategic initiatives, our senior-level teams are driven to collaborate, design, and deliver solutions for any problem or opportunity, no matter how complex and/or time consuming.

How we Deliver

Create Quick and Consistent Response to Client Needs
Integrate dispersed work groups
Create a Positive Organized Culture
Develop efficiencies, high-quality
Reverse trend of flat customer satisfaction
Change dynamics that make learners attractive and ultimately difficult to retain
Create an engaging learning environment that is attractive to curious, leader-baseline talent

In 2014, our President and Founder, Laura Morgan, a mother of four, a mentor to many, and active leader in the community, created Auxin Group, a division of Morgan HR Consulting, Ltd. Laura’s drive and passion for helping others succeed are reflected in the way she manages her own businesses. She encourages others to challenge themselves, grow and thrive on celebrating their accomplishments.

Laura demonstrated this drive and passion when her consulting business was flourishing and she did not have the bandwidth to effectively meet her client’s needs. She quickly and unexpectedly retained talented “stay at home” parents and college students who all had a few hours a day to contribute to her projects. Not only were they able to complete the projects, but because of their past experience and expertise they completed the projects in less time and at a lower cost for the client.

Laura realized she was on to something. There is an underutilized talent pool of highly skilled professionals that stepped out of the workforce and have the desire and flexibility to be a part of a productive project team. Additionally, college students and recent graduates bring a fresh outlook on today’s business issues. From this, she created a new business model which provides a career alternative that reflects Laura’s passion for those who want to obtain personal growth and life balance.

Auxin Group was created to fulfill Laura’s vision to guarantee individuals training, development, flexibility, reward and profit while offering clients a way to fulfill their project needs.


1. a plant hormone that causes the elongation of cells in shoots and is involved in regulating plant growth.

Therefore the definition of Auxin Group = Growth and Development.