April 20, 2021 Alex Lang

5 Reasons that Spring Cleaning Contributes to Better Health and Productivity

Ok, first a confession:

  • I hate cleaning, period.
  • I create organized chaos where I can function (however, only so long).

That being said when it comes to deep cleaning, completely decluttering, or organizing a closet or space, I feel a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and calmness.  This always seemed a bit odd to me, but then my work with the Auxin Group provided further clarity.  As humans, we all need some level and balance when it comes how we interact with the environments we live and work in.

Focusing key components of Auxin’s WELLNESS® model now makes complete sense.  Creating an effective environment around you leads to better health, less stress, and high productivity all around. After working from home these last 12 months, this has become even clearer as I look up from my computer and look at different places in my house that simply I have just put off tackling.

So embrace the season and clean!

Here are some of the Why’s and WIIFY (What’s in it For You) as you gear up for spring cleaning.

  1. Strengthen Your Immune System and Prevent Illness

Dust the spots that get missed: tops of headboards, lamps, railing, window sills. Dust, mildew, and other pollutants are all immune system triggers.

Focus on those items that you touch often that can spread bacteria and virous.

Did you know your sink can hold as much bacteria as your toilet?

  1. Promotes Heart Health

Just add 30 minutes a day of light cleaning/exercise can decrease risk of heart disease by 24%

So get out the old fashioned vacuum and get in the corners!

  1. Increase Productively

A neat and tidy fresh room can naturally boost endorphins in the brain and impact energy levels.

When we clean and clear clutter we also clear our mind and free up space for greater focus!

Plus, we are in a better mood because we feel accomplished.

  1. Focuses on healthy eating and activity.

Studies show there is correlation to a clean home and being active and choosing healthier food options.

Open windows and get the fresh air in and stale air out.

Clean the refrigerator and position healthy food items to eye level.  Do the same in your pantry!

  1. Clear Clutter for a Good Night’s Sleep

Yes, cleaning the clutter around your bedroom, washing your blankets and leaving only essential oils out on your nightstand will give you a feeling of calm and promote a good night’s sleep!

Bottom line is that there are so many reasons to jump into spring cleaning and you need to find the one that motivates you.  Most importantly tackle one area at a time to feel accomplished.  Studies show even 20 minutes a day can reduce stress and anxiety by 20%.  So, get up and vacuum, pick a closet, clean the refrigerator discover the impact on your overall wellbeing!

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