Enabling Growth and Balance


About Us

Our WELLNESS® program is self-directed and professionally-guided to inspire (re)defining and (re)engaging career and life aspirations.

It’s simple…we value…

  • WELLNESS® – we need to develop our best selves.
  • Integrity – we do what we say we’ll do.
  • Self-awareness – to help others, we must know ourselves.
  • Balance – we know and cater to our priorities.
  • Quality – we feel proud when others appreciate our work.

Vision Statement
We enable alternative career opportunities that develop leaders, foster innovative thought-partnering and provide work-life effectiveness for our Clients and Associates.

Mission Statement
We believe that we need to be both personally and professionally engaged in reaching our goals. We can no longer view engagement as a blend of the work environment, job satisfaction, and training. It’s much more than that. At Auxin Group, we create a unique blend of comprehensive development plans across our WELLNESS® model while focusing on crucial competency areas to succeed. Our collaborative learning environment has the fuel to spark engagement. Participants discover their passions and enable their capabilities to thrive both inside and outside of the working environment.

In 2014, our President and Founder, Laura Morgan, a mother of four, a mentor to many, and an active leader in the community, created Auxin Group, a division of MorganHR, Inc. Laura’s drive and passion for helping others succeed align directly with the way she manages her businesses. She encourages others to challenge themselves, grow, and thrive on celebrating their accomplishments.

With a successful Human Resources business, Laura expanded her impact by creating the Auxin Group. After years of witnessing the massive gap in professional support and relevant experiences, she started a self-directed WELLNESS® program for people inspired to (re)engage and (re)define their personal and professional aspirations. Auxin Group curates a safe and collaborative learning environment. Our program fulfills Laura’s vision to provide training, coaching, and exposure to enable flexibility, personal growth, and life balance in all stages of one’s working lifespan.


1. a plant hormone that promotes cells to grow, stretch, and turn towards the light.
Therefore the definition of Auxin Group = Growth and Development.



Our WELLNESS® model and learning community work hand-in-hand.

Engagement, motivation, support and strategy are the keys to our program. WELLNESS® is a complete lifestyle and behavior change and change takes time and commitment.   Together, we surface and embrace one’s attitudes, beliefs, and competencies that are needed to safely and effectively manage life’s transitions for the duration of one’s career lifespan.


(W)ork & Deliver to ensure personal fulfillment from our chosen career fields.
(E)motional Growth & Balance to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring.
(L)earn & Lead to open our minds to new ideas to apply to decisions, interactions, and community betterment.
(L)ife & Energy to maintain a healthy quality of life.
(N)ature & Environment to ensure safety and security as well as the quality of the environment that surrounds us.
(E)arning & Spending to manage both short-term and long-term financial needs.
(S)piritual Self & Creativity to establish harmony in our lives while allowing free and open expression.
(S)ocial, Gather, & Connect to relate to and connect with other people in our world.

We are proud of the services that we design and deliver for our members.

Programs & Activities


Peer Group Discussions

Coaching & Mentoring

Learning Labs

Expert Panels & Lectures



2020 Benefit Study

2020 Benefit Study Cover Page

2020 Development Gap Survey

competency gap survey


A small showcase of what makes us proud…



Together, we will learn new skills, build modern capabilities, and put learnings into action.

We are fortunate to learn from industry experts, respected leaders, and passionate trainers. Our executive coach team contributes their talents to spur our continued self-discovery. Our experiential learning series stretches us to perform for the best companies to earn their endorsement…and we do!