Work Examples

Meeting coming up? Have too many communication pieces to consolidate, collect opinions, update to make your meeting or event as effective as can be? We’ve been there…we can help!
Nothing is true until it is written. We help companies to define and document their policies, processes, governance and decision rights.
We help good leaders host great meetings! We focus on the details to facilitate, measure, and enable effective project team collaboration and delivery of high-quality solutions in compressed time-frames.
Data is everywhere but not where it is needed...right now! We collect and collate your data, convert to file records, confirm accuracy, and, with some requests, condense to remove proximate redundancies.

Meeting and Event Communications

We help with communication strategy, implementation, and adding “Wow” to your presentation materials.  We know that giving a presentation is a huge and (sometimes) noble responsibility. After all, only you can prevent death by slide show for your audience. Thankfully, we also help our clients to take their communications up a notch and make them more professional and captivating.  We work to make your communication piece – slide show, memo, brochure, etc. – one that doesn’t distract from your message but enhances it in some way. We are here to help!

We also find taking good meeting minutes, a written record of what is being covered during a meeting is a huge contributor to effective meetings.  For some this point is obvious, but we think it is important to bring it up. We have been in too many meetings where people were take meeting minutes by typing on their laptop. This is extremely irritating to everyone else. Not only is the sound of the clicking the keyboard irritating, but having people stare at a screen, or worse, seeing someone read or respond to email is extremely frustrating.  We decided to take this into our own hands to help all attendees pay attention, share ideas, and collaborate much more effectively.

Punch It Up

A regular item on our “to-do” list for one of our favorite clients!  We are often asked to create the materials for their monthly executive update…last minute edits are commonplace and expected – no worries!  We’ve been asked time and time again to add “Wow” to his presentation materials.  We embed interactive technology into presentations to expedite decision making.  We locate graphics to make the presentations “pop” and capture the essence of what he is trying to say.  We make it simple – point to the key messages – ensure the content eludes to the effort while simplifying the message for easy stakeholder update, review, and ultimate approval.

Policy and Process Documentation

Policy and Process

A global chemical client had many many files, forms, and examples of processes in place uniquely created for each location.  We coordinated the centralization of all documentation and facilitated the review and ultimate approval of core processes and policies.  We worked within the corporate governance and respective decision rights while setting a framework helping each site to customize their respective elements for their site’s specific and unique needs.

Process Maps

We use collaborative project management tools and Visio to document key processes.  One client needed to define their respective workflow for all of their HR processes.  We interviewed all stakeholders to define the current and desired processes helping to simplify and automate where possible.


Practical Project and Meeting Control

Anyone can be a great facilitator if he or she keeps the entire process and the end-result at hand at all times. Yet, we know our clients are busy and working to establish and maintain key influential relationships while executing on their own position’s priorities.  We help lighten the load.  We know that our clients don’t want to use the iron fist approach and tell colleagues what to do. We all know that team project success is often only as good as the guidance it receives from the facilitator.  We help good leaders keep their eye on the ball, hold their role as a facilitator, and find critical opportunities to guide.  We consider ourselves the practical partner since we avoid complicated processes and utilize the best resources for the right reason at the right time.

Project Control

Multiple departments were involved in an acquisition, division divestiture, a new HRIS system deployment, and the annual compensation and benefits implementation process for thousands of employees.  Our team was chartered to keep the cadence of attention on the achievement of critical milestones during the four months of harried activity.  Not only were milestones managed, they were achieved, and the planned weekly team meeting times were significantly reduced due to the active attention our flexible team provided to their project plan.

Collect, Collate, and Condense

Job Descriptions, Job Descriptions, and yes…more…Job Descriptions

Thousands of job descriptions were in every language, multitude formats, paper and electronic, inconsistent in required content, and often not reviewed nor seen by the employee. In cases, there were 40 or more job descriptions for the same job. We converted this massive collection into electronic, simplified, core & home country languages, and ensured every employee had their one relevant job description.  We started with more than 8000 job descriptions and with effective project management, partnering with our client, we tackled that monster to beat it down to a core relevant set of descriptions to use globally.

Data is Everywhere!

A huge compensation initiative required pulling in data not already housed in payroll but also found on resumes, plan documents, and on the computers in excel files of the company’s HR and Finance team members around the globe. We worked to consolidate mountains of information into one centralized datasheet. We created the workflow to maintain while our client researched and purchased a global HRIS. This data was maintained and ultimately, imported. Done.

Stakeholder Interviews

For a large pharmaceutical company, we interviewed internal stakeholders to gain their unbiased perspectives on a key initiative.  We created the materials, conducted the meetings, and then summarized the results to help set the right direction for the core project team.

Compensation Studies

Got Surveys?  We can help.  We regularly take on the burdensome task to collect data, complete the submission, address and resolve questions/issues, and summarize ending results.  We conducted a direct compensation survey for a small logistic company – sourced the participants based on our clients philosophy, created submission materials and interviewed participants, and provided summarized results maintaining confidentiality.