Enabling Growth and

Through Contribution and Collaboration



quick, responsive, flexible

you delegate, we respond, we collaborate, we deliver

We are an “on-demand” team of multi-skilled and motivated specialists who have flexible schedules, experience, knowledge, and collaborative tools to get the job done.

We are curious, we feel comfortable asking questions if something is unclear, and we take pride in a job well done.

We invest in our development and maximize the use of available technology.

We are always up for a challenge.

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Our Process

Our multi-generational program includes career coaching, advanced skill development, mentoring, and client service delivery.

Our collaborative environment supports our ability to honor and accommodate your need for flexibility while establishing a partnership for growth.



Our teams are driven to deliver results for your business. In short, we create HR solutions for any problem or opportunity, no matter the size, how time-consuming, far-fetched, or difficult.

Project Management and Meeting Control

Project Management and Meeting Control

  • Practical Project Management
  • Project Tracking and Issue Resolution
  • Competency Development, Review, and Analysis
  • Meeting Facilitation (pre, during, post)
  • Meeting Presentation Materials, Agenda, Minutes, and Facilitation
  • Project Initiation Process
  • Resource Allocation and Team Relations (internal and external/vendor)
  • Stakeholder Management and Risk Management
Data Mining and Data Organization

Data Mining and Data Organization

  • Compensation Survey Design, Submission/Participation, and Benchmark Matching
  • Company Data Gathering, Organization, Tracking, and Analysis
  • Records Management
  • Data Consolidation and Formatting
  • External Data Mining and Consolidation
  • Job Descriptions – Writing, Analysis, Consolidation, and Stakeholder Review/Approvals
  • Organize Market Research Studies and Analyze Findings
Process and Policy Documentation

Process and Policy Documentation

  • Policy and Process Documentation
  • Handbooks and Manuals
  • Process Ownership and Mapping
  • Define and Document Governance and Decision Rights
  • System User-Guides
  • Team Process Guidance and Evaluation (Pulse Checks)
Effective Communications

Effective Communications

  • Employee Communications
  • Presentations
  • Proofreading
  • Reporting Review and Error Checking
  • Branding and (Re)Formatting
  • Website Content and Draft Writing
  • Social Media Strategy Creation and Management
  • Video Scripts


As a division of MorganHR, Inc., our Independent Compensation Consulting Group has partnered and worked on project activities for these companies.

SoCore Energy
Brightstar Partners inc.

Meet our team

Our consultants understand and know that working collaboratively within teams for top companies prepares them for better opportunities when they (re)enter the workforce.

Our teams are driven to contribute and provide value versus just getting a paycheck. Our consultants have a variety of career experiences ranging from:

  • Hands-on to senior leadership roles
  • Inside large corporate environments to running small independent businesses
  • Degree in hand or on the near path to obtain

Work Examples

A small showcase of what makes us proud...

Data is everywhere but not where it is needed...right now! We collect and collate your data, convert to file records, confirm accuracy, and, with some requests, condense to remove proximate redundancies.
We help good leaders host great meetings! We focus on the details to facilitate, measure, and enable effective project team collaboration and delivery of high-quality solutions in compressed time-frames.
Nothing is true until it is written. We help companies to define and document their policies, processes, governance and decision rights.
Meeting coming up? Have too many communication pieces to consolidate, collect opinions, update to make your meeting or event as effective as can be? We’ve been there…we can help!
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How much water should we be drinking everyday? Start your day with some warm lemon water! The following article has some great tips.
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Even those of us who do not work solely from home can benefit from these tips. What habits and organizational tactics do you use to keep yourself efficient when doing work in a potentially distracting environment
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